• Profile picture of Adarsh Nalam
    Content Marketing Writer · Public Relations Writer · Blog Writer · Long-form Content Writer · Ghostwriter · Writing Coach · Podcast Host · Event Host And Moderator · Communication Consultant
    I am a communication consultant who helps businesses and individuals inform and educate their audiences through clear, specific, and substantiated content distributed through earned and ...
  • Profile picture of JaRoy Buffong
    Well-Being Company ENTR · Property Professional · Founder · Media Tech Specialist
  • Profile picture of Jade Phillips
    Founder · Marketing Specialist · Creator · Leader · Athlete
    Purpose-driven marketing specialist and the co-founder of 3x business initiatives. Building products and businesses from the ground up is my thing and I love nothing ...
  • Profile picture of Jesus Iniesta
    Startup Founder · CTO · Systems Architect · Technology Consultant · Mobile App Specialist · Web Specialist
    Driven by a deep desire to have a positive impact to the world, I use technology as a mean to bring positive change to people’...
  • Profile picture of Jesus Iniesta
    Software Engineer · Data Scientist · Systems Architect · Product Manager · Mobile App Specialist
    Driven by a deep desire to cause a positive impact in the world, I use technology as a mean to bring positive change to people's ...
  • Profile picture of Coralie Todd
    Online Business Manager · Project Manager · Business Analyst · Systems Expert
    Chief Chaos Controller at The Systems Chick. I love being organised and my favourite question is “why are we doing it like that?”. ...
  • Profile picture of Raghav Viswakumar
    University Student · Software Engineer · Hardware Engineer · Chess Enthusiast
    I am a high achieving, focused and passionate engineering student with an ambition to enrich the applications of computer architecture by working on multi-faceted layers ...
  • @scott
    Founder · People Director · Investor · Board Advisor
    Founder of Excelerate Partners and senior board level People Exec with significant experience building, retaining and nurturing world class teams for some of the biggest ...
  • Profile picture of James McKerracher
  • @davidmarkingram
    IT Training Specialist · Consultant · Software Architect · Interim Director · CTO
    Technology leader and consultant with a background in Research and Education.
  • Profile picture of Peter Fayle
    Low-hours Evangelist · Software Architect · Strategist · Writer
    Escaped full-time single employment by going 50% in a corporate job. Want to see/create improved long-term collaborative opportunities for part-timers. Writing ...
  • Profile picture of Nicci Talbot
    Writer · Digital Entrepreneur · Content Designer · Future Of Work Adventurer · Author · Journalist · UX Writer · Digital Marketer
    👋 Hey! I'm Nicci, the founder of Firebird Studio. I’m a writer and digital entrepreneur. Future of work adventurer. UX + content design student.<...
  • @annelise-lepage
  • Profile picture of Alison Young
  • Profile picture of Philipp von Bieberstein
    Business Strategist · Investor
    I care about people, be it as part of a professional network, my team, or friends. I led teams in both corporates (Google) as well ...
  • @swati
    Chief Product Officer · Chief Marketing Officer
    Building, growing and driving revenue through innovative tech products at scale. Expertise across Product Management & Development, Product Marketing, Integrated Marketing, and Sales. ...
  • @aadsouza
    Strategy & Ops Leader · Fractional COO
    A thought leader in the Digital Ecosystem known for driving change and scaling organizations. CCO and COO, known for building high performance, multi-functional Operations and ...

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