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  • A massive thank you for everyone here who helped me so far in building my website; thank you for ideating with me on the company name (and @patricia.janska, my sister for creating the logo). Of course this is not perfect and i am open to feedback and constructive criticism ….for content and technical /appearance. Here it is:

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  • Hi all

    I’m looking for a brilliant logo! I’ve looked at basic designs available on Google (of which there are plenty) but I’d like to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing on this front. Does anyone know anyone who would be happy to have an initial chat? Thought I’d try TPC first before Upwork etc.

    Thank you!


  • Another nocturnal post. In the branding module, Ben highlighted his zoom background. Now, I know for the majority we will have bookshelves, flowers, or pictures of the mother-in-law, but there is more relevance to this than branding , corporate ID and brand reinforcement. If anyone has ever seen the film ’cast away’, it’s a shameful example of corporate brand/product placement (DHL the culprit). The idea being: the more you see the brand, the more it sticks. This makes sense for the consumer. So your zoom background will paint more pictures of you to your clients than you care to acknowledge. So, untidy, cluttered shelves may not reflect the organised strategic person you are trying to sell. That’s the B2B side of marketing brand ’you’, but what about the brand reinforcement to you personally? As home working becomes more the norm, we are bypassing those corporate signs, the pens, the coffee mugs; each subliminally giving you a sense of belonging; a …

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    • All great points steven reader. One thing to bear in mind is authenticity. The biggest part of branding is YOU. Get your story over to your audience and what you represent. Build that trust and your customers will then buy into your logo, colours, design etc.

      Only thing to point out is that it was Fedex all over Cast away. I don’t know what this does to enforce the story of a brand resonating with you. 😬

      • Clearly the brand resonated so negatively that I replaced it with another. Apologies DHL. Next I’ll be calling his companion ball Mitre 😂 Big hand clap to the first person to remember the ball’s name w/o googling. That is if you haven’t got anything more important to do on a Sunday

    • Thanks for the shout out Steve – the wall tiles I got through Mixtiles at less than £10 each. It’s an app in which you just crop images to square, upload them then order wall pictures/ tiles

    • Great post, thanks Steve! Will be checking out Mix Tiles…

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    If anyone wants feedback on your profile page, I am happy to provide it. Just complete each section until they do a half decent job of telling your story, then ping me. I am happy to help. Also if you have any questions about what makes a good profile, just ask. Great to see so many profiles being built 🙂

  • Another customer research tool I found yesterday…like Google Keywords but a bit different

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