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Masterclass: Uncovering your personal brand story

Embrace the artistry and introspection it takes to build a better personal brand

Learn to craft a unique brand identity

Stories are one of the most powerful tools in human communication. They build connections, inspire trust, and above all, they illustrate who we are and what we believe in. A good story can make you feel something; a great story can change the way you see the world.

Our Masterclass is designed to help you find and craft that one-of-a-kind story that defines your personal brand. You’ll discover all the tools and insights you need to articulate your why, creating an impactful identity that represents everything that makes you and what you offer unique.

Learn directly from the experts

Hosted by our COO and brand strategist Fiona Chorlton-Voong and Creative Director of Strange Creative Studio Alex Pitt, this course is designed to help you understand the distinct power of personal branding and learn to champion your story through everything you do.

During this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

How it works:

Our personal branding masterclass is split between online learning and live discussion sessions. The online learning is made up of three videos. We’ll take the learnings from each video and explore them further in each live discussion, so it’s important to watch the first video before the initial live discussion session.

During the live sessions, you’ll learn directly from our experts and break off into smaller groups to engage in practical exercises and in-depth conversation. Each day will focus on distinct steps, breaking things down into smaller, bite-sized activities. You will be asked to complete assignments after each sessions to help you further refine your storytelling capabilities. 

As the numbers are limited to ensure an intimate learning experience, we encourage everyone to get involved and take part in the conversation – don’t be afraid to share, it’s the first step toward building a stronger personal brand!

Course overview:

Core sections

  •  Explore the power of storytelling
  •  Learn how stories can boost your portfolio career/business

Core sections

  • Master the “show don’t tell” principal
  • Share stories that shaped you
  • Gain valuable group feedback

Core sections

  • Examine different influencing skills
  • Identify story themes
  • Learn to shape your story around those themes
  • Understand the importance of values and keywords

Core sections

  • Examine key principles behind the Golden Circle
  • Craft your very own Why statement
  • Q&A portion to discuss learnings and key insights
  • Reflection of your story and Why statement

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Masterclass: Uncovering your personal brand story

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