Build a stronger, more focused portfolio career

Catapult is more than just a career course – it’s a journey of self-discovery and an in-depth investigation into everything that makes your offerings unique. With our immersive blend of online learning, live discussions, and community support, you’ll come out the other side with the tools and insights you need to land paid work fast.

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Catapult is coming back in 2022 even better than ever

Eager to fine-tune your expertise? Or perhaps you’re after a broader overview of what a portfolio career could like with the right skills and support. Register your interest for our 2022 course and we’ll share the latest updates as soon as they’re available.

A crash course in portfolio careers

This course is designed to fit around every lifestyle and career stage. With a mix of pre-recorded modules and live virtual discussions, you get to learn alongside an enthusiastic group of professionals from all industries and corners of the world. 

Developed and led by trusted experts

Intimate cohort sizes with plenty of group feedback

Network of diverse professionals for future collaboration

You will benefit from




peers per cohort
on average


hours of live
group discussion


flexible learning

This course is available via our Pioneer Lite membership. For just £15/month, you have unlimited access to all our learning and development materials.*

*Please note that Catapult courses will resume in 2022.

How it works

We offer two distinct learning tracks for you to choose from: our Focused Track and our Generalist Track. During the first and last week of the course, you’ll be split into separate modules based on the track you have chosen. Weeks 2–7 will be run as a wider cohort.

Our Catapult cohorts have concluded for the year and will kick off again in 2022. If you would like to take part, please let us know by registering your interest.

Explore the course curriculum by clicking on the individual tracks below.

Focused Track

For experienced professionals who want to position themselves as experts and build a more defined brand

Generalist Track

For those in need of a broader overview who want to learn to monetise their skills in the best way possible

Catapult course

Included in our Pioneer Lite membership (£15/month)

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Next start dates:

Catapult will resume in 2022

Your course instructors:

Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas

Laura is a coach, facilitator, and portfolio career veteran. She is passionate about seeing people grow, experiment, and be intentional around their careers.

Ben Legg

Ben Legg

Ben Legg is a CEO, engineer, author and former soldier. The former COO of Google Europe, he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to reinvent society

Fiona Chorlton-Voong

Fiona Chorlton-Voong

Fiona is responsible for TPC’s growth through marketing, operations, strategy, and brand. She has a talent for leveraging technology and an insatiable drive to help others succeed.

Lexi Radcliffe-Hart

Lexi Radcliffe-Hart

Wordsmith, marketer, community leader. Lexi loves telling stories, and helping others tell theirs. She hosts many of our events and is happiest next to the beating heart of communities.

Stephanie Dotto

Stephanie Dotto

Stephanie is TPC’s Content Manager, specialising in strategy, blog writing, and SEO-optimisation. She is passionate about storytelling in all shapes and sizes.

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