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Stand out from the crowd with TPC’s mentoring accreditation

Practise pro-bono mentoring with real-life startups and founders

Learn from scaleup experts, mentors and founders

Join a diverse mastermind network of fellow mentors

Get matched for paid work as part of our exclusive mentor talent pool

About the mentorship programme

There are 62,000 well-funded startups (Seed to Series B) in the world and we’re on a mission to support each and every one of their founders. Finding a mentor can be tricky. Finding a good mentor can be even trickier.

That’s where we come in. We created this mentorship programme to give experienced members of our community the skills and knowledge they need to become the most effective mentors possible. For £1,500 we’ll provide you with everything you need to succeed, whilst helping you on your way to your first paid mentoring role on completion of the programme. What more could you ask for?


The first cohort will begin the programme in January 2023 and will conclude the training in late March 2023, with accreditation to come shortly after that.

You can expect to spend eight hours per week over the seven modules, to cover up to two live 90 minute sessions (fixed times) per week, plus homework and hands-on mentoring practice (flexible with your schedule).

Programme outline


Emotional Intelligence

Starting from within, we’ll begin with 1:1 and group MBTI accredited practitioner sessions, giving you the chance to understand yourself before taking on mentees.


Working with founders

We’ll give you the tools you need to think like a founder, to step into your mentee’s shoes, as well as to better understand the success factors needed to build a great startup.



From fundraising to cash flow, growth assumptions to stock options, finance is often top of mind for founders: so we’ll teach you the financial fundamentals to help them succeed.


Enabling growth

Growth is critical for any founder. In this module we’ll explore how to turn ideas into successful actions, using practical approaches to strategy, planning, hiring, execution and results.



This module will give you the tools you need to enable founders to become great leaders, motivators and inspirations within their organisations.



We'll help you add the most value and offer the optimum support to your mentees, who’ll need lots of help prioritising, brainstorming, and soundboarding their key actions.


TPC Support

Supporting founders takes a team, and TPC will be here to support you. We’ll help you understand how to leverage the TPC community and services to best support your mentees.


Once you’ve completed the eight week programme, you'll then complete a formal assignment as the final stage in the accreditation process. We’ll be here to support you every step of the way!


As an accredited mentor, we’ll add you to TPC’s official accredited mentor pool. This will give you the opportunity to find paid work and be matched with founders in need of support worldwide.

On top of all that:

Learn from an inspiring community

Group training and workshops so we can all learn and grow together

In-person social and networking events

Curated introductions to founders and mentees within the startup ecosystem

Continued support from startup experts

A community to support you throughout your journey as a mentor

Requirements for the programme

This exclusive programme is designed for experienced professionals who want to add world class mentioring to their career portfolios. If selected, joining costs £1,500 and will include everything from accreditation, to pro-bono opportunities, focused learning and purpose-built events.

Our experts

Each module is taught by experts with years of experience in their chosen field.

Dr Maria Evans

Dr Maria Evans

Maria is a consultant, coach and trainer who is driven to empower women within safe learning environments, whilst helping organisations to achieve genuine equality, diversity & inclusion.

Ben Legg

Ben Legg

Ben is the CEO of TPC. He is an engineer, author, army veteran and the former COO of Google Europe. He has a thriving portfolio career supporting startups and investors.

Fiona Chorlton-Voong

Fiona Chorlton-Voong

Fiona is the COO of TPC. She is a founder, mentor, marketing and brand strategist and MBTI coach. She has a talent for leveraging technology and helping others succeed.

The application process


Fill out the application form

Please note, places are limited for our January cohort


Wait to hear back from us

We’ll review each application and notify you of the outcome



If you’ve been successful we’ll welcome you to an onboarding session

Application form



Expect to spend around eight hours per week over the duration of the programme. This will cover:
- Up to two live 90 minute sessions (fixed times) per week
- Pre reading and homework
- Networking and check in sessions
- Hands-on mentoring practice (flexible with your schedule)

The stages of the programme are as follows:
- Initial 60 minute 1:1 MBTI session in January (at your convenience)
- Pre-module networking sessions (dates TBC)
- Introduction to the programme on Tuesday 31st January
- Weekly modules thereafter will either be

  • two 1.5 hour sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4.30-6pm GMT
  • a single 1.5 hour session at the same time on a Tuesday only.

100% attendance is expected to ensure you get the most from the programme, but we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances. If you do have difficulties attending any sessions, please contact Fiona or Ben ASAP to discuss via the Slack workspace.

We plan to record most module sessions to allow you to revisit content; however this will be dependent on the preferences of the expert mentor presenting.

Please contact Fiona and Ben via the Slack workspace should you get stuck at any point - they and the team will be here to support you throughout the programme.

Reapplying for the programme will be dependent on the feedback you receive if your application is not successful this time around. For example, if we suggest you need further experience, and you have since increased your experience and can demonstrate this, then we’d be delighted for you to reapply to a future cohort.

The next cohort will begin late Spring/early Summer. If you would like to register your interest in advance, please complete the register your interest form and we will contact you when booking re-opens.

Payments & cancellations

If selected, you will be contacted with a further application form, contractual documentation and the payment details. Payment must be made before 13th January 2023.

Unfortunately not. Payment is due up front, and the last payment date will be 13th January 2023 for the January cohort..

The financial commitment is made at the beginning of the programme, and we cannot offer refunds unless in exceptional circumstances. If you are unsure at any time, please do contact Fiona and Ben via [email protected] so we can discuss how best to support you through the programme.

Pro-bono mentoring

Having completed your application form (once selected), and having had your initial 1:1 MBTI session with Fiona in January, we will then decide on the matches based on your industry, experience and personality type.

A minimum of 4 hours mentoring over the course of the programme, as agreed with your mentee.


There are four pillars to the accreditation process:
- Observed pro bono mentoring a mentee
- Presentation of two written case studies
- Feedback from the mentees
- Full participation in the programme: to be assessed per module

Passing is contingent on all four elements being met, which will be further detailed in the programme Terms & Conditions.

Matched mentoring

This works similarly to the pro-bono matching; based upon your industry, experience and personality type.

Unfortunately not. However, we can guarantee that we will be promoting this pool of accredited mentors to a lot of VCs and their founders globally, so we expect meaningful volume and will endeavour to ensure that all TPC accredited mentors win paid work.

Open communication is a big part of this programme, and we will support you in the matching processes both inside the programme and beyond. If this occurs, please do let us know and we will work with you and with the mentee to ensure this is a successful relationship for all involved.

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