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    Dear inspiring people! Are there any SEO experts who can help me with my website, blogs, writing, to be more SEO-friendly ( I would much appreciate any support and guidance, and am happy to offer Coaching in return πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot and sending love for this weekend! Linh x

    • Greetings. I’m not exactly an SEO expert, but I have fiddled with it for about 13 years.

      At first glance, I can see that your name is Vietnamese, and that you set your website up with your name, plus ’Viet’. Depending on your audience, it could be hard for them to find you if they are terrible at spelling, and trust me, most people are terrible at spelling!

      I know a guy from Poland, and his name was Matt Jeziorski, but most of his clients were not Polish. He identified that people had a hard time finding him or even pronouncing his name, so he changed his name to Matt Laker. That’s his choice, but he felt it was better for him. Yours is simpler than his was, but you’re also putting a word in front of it.

      You are using 3 words for a website’s name, which probably isn’t ideal. A website address should be as simplified as possible.

      Unfortunately for me, all the dentists took my name! So I opted, not as a domain, but as usernames, IceWhiteOfficial for Instagram, Facebook, etc. The word ’official’ is a lot more universal and familiar, so just something to consider if you wish to.

      My website, which is not named after me unfortunately, is hosted by WordPress. They have a built in SEO thing called Yoast. It has a lot of helpful pages. I made the most of this in some parts, and managed to get some of my work featured even in the Russian news.

      • Thank you very much for your time and feedback, Ice! (Is this your real name? xD) Really good thoughts, thank you! I have already set everything up with my name, so I will leave it for now πŸ™‚ it is a good reminder to look into the SEO stuff that Wix (my website host) has to offer! Awesome, you reached Russia through this! πŸ˜€

    • Our very own Stephanie Dotto might be just who you are looking for Linh! She has done a wonderful job for TPC!

    • I used to dig this guy Brian Dean for SEO years ago as speaking the most sense in a lot of noise

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