Launch your portfolio career in 30 days

What is Catapult?

A learning experience designed to coach you step-by-step towards a focused portfolio of paid work in just one month.

Why Catapult, why now?

Learn from successful portfolio professionals and subject matter experts, plus build a great network within our community of portfolio professionals. Do real hands-on work on your own story and plans, with small group feedback every step of the way.

Join Catapult for £250. This one-off fee gives you access to the live sessions, coaching sessions, and ongoing support after you complete the course.

How it works:

In week one, we run two live learning sessions and two group coaching sessions so you can connect with your peers and get the most personalised support whilst you determine your monetisable skills and craft your value proposition. 

From week two onwards, the learning sessions can be watched in your own time. The group coaching sessions continue as a live event to keep you on track and work through challenges. This allows for flexibility in your schedule to start implementing what you are learning whilst still giving you regular support. 

Course overview:

Core sections

  • Audit your skills and capabilities
  • Identify monetisable portfolio combinations
  • Decide where to focus and differentiate
  • Align your choices with your personal values

Core sections

  • Create your value propositions
  • Go out and test the market
  • Understand your customers
  • Receive feedback and refine your offerings

Core sections

  • Define your brand identity and story
  • Document your vision, mission, values and voice
  • Articulate the WHY behind your work
  • Create a visual identity

Core sections

  • Clean up and polish your profile
  • Learn how to engage to deepen relationships
  • Get a blueprint for powerful authentic posting
  • Grow your network

Core sections

  • Plan and structure your website
  • Craft your website copy
  • Choose your tech platform and create
  • Set up with SEO basics

Core sections

  • Understand the different marketing options
  • Set your initial marketing strategy and goals
  • Review and refine your positioning
  • Measure and monitor for return on investment

Core sections

  • Plan your budget and forecast your finances
  • Set up your sales process
  • Clarify contracting and pricing
  • Organise business admin

Core sections

  • How to quickly land paid work
  • Organising proposals and agreements
  • Set up a sales outreach system
  • Being recognised as an expert
    Not quite ready yet? 

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Led by:

Ben Legg

Ben Legg

Ben Legg is a CEO, engineer, author and former soldier. The former COO of Google Europe, he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to reinvent society

Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas

Laura is a coach, facilitator and portfolio career veteran. She is passionate about seeing people grow, experiment and be intentional around their careers

Catapult Course


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7 responses to “Accelerate Your Portfolio Career – Catapult Course | The Portfolio Collective

  1. The Catapult course is a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to embark on a new venture. The supportive community of coaches and fellow learners combine to make an environment where you can test ideas, learn new skills and develop your niche offerings. It’s a real voyage of discovery that I would recommend to anyone who wants to start a business, big or small. It certainly helped me far more than I expected it would.

  2. Joining a like-minded group of people weekly with challenging but achievable objectives has been so stimulating for both my business and my limited mindset. I’m so glad to have joined this course, it’s really changed a lot for me and I know it will continue to be an amazing resource even after its finished.

  3. A truly fantastic, practical, hands-on course. Loved the structure and by dividing the programme into 8 clearly defined, relevant modules, how to build up a business from scratch was broken down into very easily digestable bite-sized chunks. This has given me so much more confidence to transform an idea into something concrete and give me that guided push to actually make something happen!

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