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Head of Sales


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Head of Sales


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Head of Sales



Eolas is the Irish word for information, Eolas Medical has a vision of organizing the world’s medical information to make healthcare simpler, safer and smarter.

Eolas was founded by doctors who also have backgrounds as software engineers. Since launching in 2020, their platform has scaled to more than 100 healthcare sites worldwide including some of the world’s most prestigious centers including Stanford Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Imperial College London and Oxford University Hospitals.

The team has expanded to 12 people, with 6 healthcare professionals, most of whom have backgrounds in software engineering, and 6 talented senior design and software engineers.

Our growth to this point has been founder driven and led. We are now looking for the latest member of the team to become Head of Sales for the company and help to write the sales playbook to project Eolas to a billion dollar company, becoming the leader in the Information Management space within healthcare.

I’m Listening, get to the point….

  • ⭐ Head of Sales (with potential for upward trajectory to C-suite level)
  • 💰 Salary – $100,000 – $120,000 USD
  • 📈 Equity Stake in the company
  • 💻 Autonomy as first dedicated and most senior Sales hire
  • 🏠 Work from home anywhere and all equipment provided


Digging Deeper.
As mentioned, to this point in the journey the sales strategy has been a bottom up, founder led strategy. This involved selling our information management platform to individual departments within a hospital. This was healthcare professional to healthcare professional sales, demoing the system to the director of that department and closing the sale for that individual department. This is the bottom up approach.

On average most hospitals will have 10 major departments, we can sell a version of the platform into each major department. As well as this we can now sell using a top down approach, which would be the typical route to market for most healthcare SaaS companies. We can do this with an Enterprise hospital wide version of the platform, which packages all available apps into a suite that can be sold to the hospital as a whole. Typically we will be targeting the hospital’s medical director, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Directors of IT.

Entry into the healthcare market is much more challenging than many other industries, this is where our bottom up approach comes into play. It serves as a lower barrier to entry, and gives a single department within a hospital the opportunity to use the platform. We can then use this proof point to scale to further departments within that hospital, in doing this we can go from 1 individual department to all departments, usually by flipping to a top down approach and selling the Enterprise system to the hospital.

It should be noted that the platform being used in individual departments within a hospital is not a prerequisite to selling the Enterprise level system, it just helps to lower that barrier and have an established proof point. Noting this, the main task of the Head of Sales at this point will be to lead the building of a scalable and repeatable bottom up sales machine. As well as developing a robust top down enterprise sales strategy more frequently seen in the healthcare space. You will be working alongside the founders to build these systems.


More details on the benefits.

Building a Billion Dollar Company

Our goal is to become the leaders in the information management space of pre-clinical data in healthcare (i.e. non-patient data). We believe this is an achievable goal with the potential Total Addressable Market at hand. There are approximately 200,000 hospital departments as targets for our platform, at an average contract value of £5000 per department this represents a £1 Billion Total Addressable Market in Annual Recurring Revenue.

We believe we can capture 10% of this market, realizing £100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue. With healthcare software companies achieving valuations of 10x revenue, a £1 Billion valuation is certainly achievable. With the role is an equity stake in the company of 0.8% of the company ownership in the form of share options. The current valuation is £9million, our aim in the next 8 years is to achieve a £1 Billion valuation.


Our aim is to build the sales machines and the playbook, as the Head of Sales you will have the autonomy to run this process and decide on resource allocation. At the start while building this system there will be a balance between building the sales system and working within the sales system as it is growing.


Fully Remote
The role is and always will be fully remote. We meet up 4 times per year to build culture further within the team. Fully remote working has many benefits and allows you to focus on ensuring a good work life balance that is uninterrupted by long commutes and other problems associated with the need to be in a physical location


  • 🏥 Experience with Healthcare Software Sales
  • 🎓 Proven experience in a senior sales role
  • 📈 Understanding of SaaS Business models and how to scale them
  • ✔️ Leadership – ability to building a scale a team
  • 🌐 Network – establish network in the healthcare industry

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